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Non-alcoholic Distilled Agave Spirit

Not just an alternative to tequila or mezcal, this is truly a 100% all natural, distilled agave spirit, without the alcohol.

Made with Tobala agave sourced from Master Mezcaleros in Oaxaca, Tomonotomo is distilled with local botanicals: ginger, pasilla mixe chili, flor de cacao, basil, pennyroyal, chamomile, black cardamom, nutmeg, sweet cinnamon, hibiscus, rose petal, lemon grass and cloves.

We pride ourselves on being the first to bring in premium agave spirits to the non-alcoholic sector. Finally, you can enjoy top quality adult beverages without alcohol.

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The official drink of Choice.

It’s easy to drink alcohol. It’s encouraged. It tastes good sometimes. It’s everywhere. What’s not always easy? Doing what’s best for you. Our name, Tomonotomo, comes from the Spanish phrase “I drink, I don’t drink.” And we think it’s as simple as that. We cheers to choice. Whatever your relationship is with alcohol, we’re here to keep the party going.


Tomo is one of the best, most authentic NA mezcals I've ever tried, and I try a lot of NA products. The liquid itself stands out as smooth with a nice weight, and borders on savory, with a mouth feel unlike other non-alc spirits (which can sometimes land a little thin on the palate). You can tell that Amanda and her team take a lot of time and care to hand craft  their ingredients from Oaxaca. What we end up with is a singular spirit, that's good on its own or in a mixed drink. When I drink Tomo I'm transported to Mexico, and I'm refreshed. 
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