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Cleaner zero proof cocktails ahead

Meet the only zero proof spirit distilled with wild agave from Oaxaca, Mexico

Lemon Cocktail

The official drink of Choice

It’s easy to drink alcohol. It’s encouraged. It tastes good sometimes. It’s everywhere. What’s not always easy? Doing what’s best for you. Our name, Tomonotomo, comes from the Spanish phrase “I drink, I don’t drink.” And we think it’s as simple as that. We cheers to choice. Whatever your relationship is with alcohol, we’re here to keep the party going.

Zero proof shouldn’t mean zero craft.

A lot of zero proof spirits are concocted in a lab. And a lot of zero proof Mezcals don’t even contain agave. Not Tomonotomo. Craft, care and quality matter most to us. We hand-pick our herbs. We use real agave and list it proudly at the top of our ingredient list.

Tequila Shot

Why is Tomonotomo in a league of its own?

Real Agave

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Not “notes” or “essence,” of agave, we are the real deal. Tomonotomo is made with 100% pure tobala agave that we distill with with botanicals sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico to deliver a remarkable non-alcoholic agave spirit.

Authentically Crafted

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We respect the craft of Mezcal-making and distill our spirits in copper stills in partnership with master Mezcaleros in Oaxaca. Honoring tradition is how we offer a great tasting agave spirit that just happens to be zero proof.

Made in Mexico

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Unlike “alternatives” that consist of water and flavoring mixed together in a lab, Tomonotomo is handcrafted in Mexico using all natural ingredients, without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Citrus Fruits

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