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Meet the only all natural, non-alcoholic spirit distilled with rare agave from Oaxaca, Mexico

Zero proof shouldn’t mean zero craft.

A lot of zero proof spirits are concocted in a lab. And a lot of zero proof Mezcals don’t even contain agave. Not Tomonotomo. Craft, care and quality matter most to us. We hand-pick our herbs. We use real agave and list it proudly at the top of our ingredient list.


Why is Tomonotomo in a league of its own?

Real Agave

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Not “notes” or “essence,” of agave, we are the real deal. Tomonotomo is made with 100% pure tobala agave that we distill with with botanicals sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico to deliver a remarkable non-alcoholic agave spirit.

Authentically Crafted

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We respect the craft of Mezcal-making and distill our spirits in copper stills in partnership with master Mezcaleros in Oaxaca. Honoring tradition is how we offer a great tasting agave spirit that just happens to be zero proof.

Made in Mexico

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Unlike “alternatives” that consist of water and flavoring mixed together in a lab, Tomonotomo is handcrafted in Mexico using all natural ingredients, without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Desert Plants

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